Monday, 2 March 2015

Understanding Shutter Speed

By definition, the shutter speed is the span of time when you open the shutter in the camera. More easily, shutter speed means the time in which the sensors we 'see' the subject that we will photograph. Simply shutter speed is between the time we pressed the shutter button on the camera until the button back to its original position.

To make it simple, we translate this concept in some use in the camera:

  • Setting the shutter speed of your camera means 500 in a span of as much as 1/500 (seperlimaratus) seconds. Yes, the shortest and sekilat it. As for the exposure time of 30 seconds, you will see it like this: 30 ''
  • Setting the shutter speed on your camera is usually in multiples of 2, so we'll see a row like this: 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30 and so on. Now almost all cameras also allow setting 1/3 stop, so less movement of the shutter speed of the meeting; 1/500, 1/400, 1/320, 1/250, 1/200, 1/160 ... etc.
  • To take sharp photos, use a shutter speed that is safe. Safety rules in most conditions is setting the shutter speed 1/60 or faster, so that the resulting image will be sharp and safety of the images are shaded (blurry / out of focus). We can outsmart these safe limits with a tripod or use the Image Stabilization feature (discussed in the next post)
  • Limit other safe shutter speed is: shutter speed we should be greater than the length of our lens. So if we use a 50mm lens, use a minimum of 1/60 second shutter. If we use 17mm lenses, use a shutter speed of 1/30 sec.
  • Shutter speed to freeze motion. Use a shutter speed as high as reasonably achievable to freeze motion. The faster an object moves we want to freeze the picture, the faster the shutter speed is needed. To freeze the motion of a bird for example, use the Shutter Priority mode and set the shutter speed at 1/1000 second number (ideally the ISO is set to auto option) so that the result is sharp. If you notice, the photographer was idolized sports mode S / Tv's.
  • Intentional motion blur - the shutter speed to show the effect of motion. When photographing moving objects, we can intentionally slow down the shutter speed us to show the effect of the movement. Make sure you include at least one stationary object such as an anchor picture. Consider the following picture:  
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